View Works    2015 An Architecture of Slow Light [series II]

a summary: paper relief and sculptures by Colleen DaRosa

a summary: paper relief and sculptures  2014


This series an architecture of slow light has been developed and executed in late 2014, early 2015.

A more developed structural excursion, utilising line, offers tangible architectectonic encounters with slow light.

Planes and surfaces are used to create a liiminal zone to entice light.  Images continue to be influenced by Nordic design and architecture.

The sculptures are on cut Stonehenge or Hahnemuhle paper (some embossed). The colours that are visible are all a result of reflection and refraction of underpainting. The papers are, in fact, all white.

The glacial finger sculptures are best viewed from a hanging position slightly above/touching the floor or a white platform. Greater vibrance and colour is generated when underlit by a battery powered LED. The shards sculptures sit on a plinth or other white surface.

Relief paper works extend on previous practice and techniques but with increased structural focus and reductive form.

The works are best viewed in their ambient light as effects are more dynamic and complex as one moves across and about the work.

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